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This is for you if you need a lightening kit. Our lightening kit comprises of all the essentials your skin needs to lighten up evenly. It comprises of the : BODY : 1)N.C body Scrub : it exfoilates the skin and leaves a glow. That way every dead cell on your top layer is removed. The soft new skin cells are up and ready to absorb and glow. (Use on knuckles ) Price : N3800 2) N.C Black Soap : This African body soap is made with glowing and lightening effects for the skin. It's glows up the skin evenly. Price : N4000 2)N.C Body Glow Serum : It's key ingredient is Collagen. It is very light. It will penetrate the pores easily. Leaving the skin hydrated , moisturized, glowing and lightened. Price : N3500 3) N.C Body cream: our lightening Body cream is anti-aging. It's key ingredients are Papaya extract and vitamin C. It leaves the skin smoothened, lightened , glowing and popping. Price : N8000 4) knuckles cream: it keeps the knuckles in sync with the skin color. It's important to scrub the knuckles as well before applying. Price : N3000 FACE : 5) N.C FACE SERUM : is made with nicotinamide and vitamin C as the key INGREDIENTS. The effects of the serum is massive as it moisturizes, hydrates, and keeps the face anti-aging. It has antioxidant present in them which keeps engulfing radicals on skin. Price : N3500 6) N.C Face Cream : Key features: Clears Sunburn, brightens face , Smoothens the face, anti-aging. Key ingredient: Collagen Elastin, Vitamin A, E , Lavender Oil @N4000


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