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Nature's Cure Boric Acid Vagina Suppository Yoni Pops Cookie Vitamin

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Benefits of Boric Acid 1. Restores healthy vaginal pH 2. Excellent for consistent yeast infections, repair cervical erosion and bacterial vaginosis (within hours) 3. Be spontaneous with sex 4. Enhances love making 5. Eliminates discomfort due to itching & burning 6. Eliminates odour 7. Eliminates abnormal discharge 8. Cleanses & Tightens, juicer vagina 9. Naturally lubricates the vagina 10. Effects last for about 30days 11. Excellent to use at end of menstrual cycle 12. Relief from Herpes outbreak 13. Natural Herbal solution How it works 1. Wash hands 2. Insert 1~2 capsules into your vagina during bedtime and push it as far up the canal to avoid it slipping out. 3. Wear a pantyliner, capsules will dissolve within hours. Once dissolved you will notice that you're wet and slippery. (do not worry this is the detox process) 4. Effects last from 20 to 30 days 5. Insert a new suppository every day for 4~5 days Note 1. Not to be taken orally. 2. Pregnant, breastfeeding and women in period don't use 3. Be sure to shower before any sexual activity after the use of this product.
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