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Plant of the Essence Soothing Gel Aloe(Aloe Vera Gel)

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•NATURAL SKIN CARE from a 100% natural plant. The gel is made from 99% pure aloe vera, this face/skin/body gel contains necessary vitamins which makes the skin firm. This pure aloe vera gel is effective in giving your skin a healthy glow by replenishing the dead skin with a new one. •ANTI-AGING PROPERTIES: With age, your skin can lose its sheen and elasticity, applying this herbal gel will help hydrate the skin. Hydrating your skin on a daily basis helps get rid of dead cells, giving you a softer and smoother feeling skin. FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: This natural aloe vera gel is ideal for all skin types. It moisturizes the skin minus the greasiness that makes the skin oily. It is a perfect all round moisturizer as it provides a layer above the skin protecting it from dirt and pollution. PERFECT FOR AFTER SUN CARE: One of the most amazing aloe vera benefits is that it can heal even bad cases of sunburn because it naturally forms a layer over your skin. You can use the gel to reverse the effects of a tan as it helps in restoring natural color of your skin. •A NATURAL HEALER FOR THE SKIN: The anti-allergic properties found in aloe vera helps the skin to recover from bites, scars and stress. The anti-inflammatory nature of aloe vera has been known to fasten the process of healing and minimizes acne, eczema and psoriasis.
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