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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Catlog?

    Catlog is the simplest way to create an online store, get a link you can share with everyone, and receive orders easily on Whatsapp.

  • How much does it cost?

    Catlog has two subscription plans; the Starter plan, which is free, and the Basic plan which allows you upload up to 100 products & get a custom link, this costs 900 Naira per month. You can check the features of both plans here

  • Can I receive payment from my store?

    Your Catlog store cannot process payments. The reason for this is that most customers are uncomfortable paying online without speaking to anyone. Coming soon, you will be able to generate invoices for orders and send them to the customer for payment.

  • How do I upload my products?

    Uploading your products is really easy. Go to your "Dashboard" and click "Add new product items". First, you’ll need to select images for every item you want to upload, then proceed to add the details for each item. Read more about this here here.

  • How do I create my store custom link?

    With a the Basic plan you can create a custom link, see instructions on how to create a custom link here.

  • I'm not in Nigeria, Can I sign up?

    Catlog is only available to Nigerians for now, we will be launching in other countries soon.