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Simplify the way you receive & manage orders, manage your customers, receive payments & much more, all from Catlog.

Receive Orders

Create a simple list of all your products and get a link customers can use to order from you on Whatsapp

  • One link to see all your products and receive orders
  • Get order and delivery details as one messsage on whatsapp
  • Customers can reach out to you directly by hitting a button
Storefront cover image
Storefront cover image

Keep track of your
Orders and Customers

Easily record orders you’ve received on whatsapp so nothing gets missed when it’s time to deliver

  • Easily add orders to your dashboard from whatsapp
  • Keep a record of all customers that have ordered from you
  • See analytics of how well your store is doing
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Collect Payments
With Invoices

Give your customers flexible ways to pay you & manage your business finances in one place

  • Get a business account number
  • Instant withdrawals anytime you want
  • Get access to credit to boost your business
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There's much more


    Get dispatch riders at the best rates, while giving your customers an easy way to track their orders

    Coming Soon

    Securely collect payments from customers before delivery without having to get into an arguement

    Coming Soon

    Plug-in your store with Google Analytics & Facebook pixel to access detailed customer data & place highly targeted ads.

    Coming Soon

    Allow customers order & pay for their food in your resturant by scanning a QR code

    Coming Soon

    Access credit to help you grow your business when you collect payments with invoices

    Coming Soon

Catlog helps you

Make more sales

Make more sales

With catlog, everyone sees all the items you sell, which would prevent you from loosing sales because buyers didn't know you sold those items

Be more efficient

Be more efficient

With Catlog you won't have to keep answering same questions from customers everytime especially if they won't end up buying

Be more visible

Be more visible

Our advanced search engine optimization would help your store & products show up on Google, when customers search related keywords

What can you sell with Catlog?

    Food & Drinks

    Do you sell fast food? Run a resturant or cloud kitchen? Catlog is best way for your customers to place their orders.

    Start selling food
    Clothing & Fashion items

    Are you a fashion designer making gorgeous pieces? Do you retail fashion items? You can list them all on Catlog

    Start selling fashion items

    Sell your electronic gadgets, latest iPhones, Android smartphones, laptops, and accessories - all on Catlog

    Start selling gadgets
    Any physical products

    All physical product can be listed on Catlog. Whether it’s kitchenwares, home fragrances, or interior decor items

    Start selling anything