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Miracle/Ghana Seeds (1 Derica)

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Miracle seed is a powerful medicinal plant that has been used for centuries to support the health of people in Africa. The most common and well-documented use of Miracle seed is as a purgative to the digestive system Benefits includes: ♻️Use for flat tummy ♻️You can add to your weight loss diet ♻️Perfect for the purpose of weight loss ♻️If you have a backache or a pain in your waist ♻️It burns fat that you don’t need. ♻️Infections in the toilet are treated and prevented with this seed. ♻️Lowers blood sugar and fights diabetes. ♻️Fibroid shrinks when Ghana seed is used. ♻️Typhoid fever & Malaria fever is treated with this medication.If you’re suffering from constipation, this is the remedy /cure for you. 🛍~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~🛍 . Send us a DM to order or click on the link on our page bio to shop on our website. WhatsApp +234 913 764 0875 You can also visit our website https://catlog.shop/pleasureoasis

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